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4 Ways To Make Money With Your Real Estate Properties

January 5, 2022 | Posted by: Ronice Harrison

Talk about the rich and wealthy will not be ending anytime soon, and to get into the discussion, you need to make money for yourself…


And that starts with your investments.


There are many assets you could invest in to make your first million dollars, but real estate is definitely among the top ones!


Today, it seems to be taking over the world, with top investors like Robert Kiyosaki advising people about how powerful real estate investing can be.


Real estate can be a great source of income if done in the right way.


But, investment in real estate takes time, so you might want to look somewhere else if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.


So, let’s say you own a real estate property, and you are one of the great minds like Robert Kiyosaki, who loves making money from real estate.


Here are four great ways to make money from your real estate property.


Long-Term Rentals

You buy land, develop it and rent it out to make passive income, nothing beats that; making money while you sleep is one great way to become wealthy.


You can also purchase a distressed property, abandoned property and use a little cash to add your touches to it to bring it back to life and rent it out to earn money from it.


One of the best ways of earning from your real estate property is by renting it out to interested people; people will always be in need of an apartment to rent, so trust your business to be in vogue for many years to come.


Renting out your real estate depends on some factors, which are Location, location, and location.


You read that right, it wasn’t a mistake, location says it all for your property; people will always be on the lookout for a property that is situated in a pleasant environment, they will consider how close it is to schools, parks, religious centers, and even recreational centers.


Location also affects the price of your property. If one of your properties located in a nice neighborhood goes for $25000 a year, your second property of the exact specifications but situated in a neighborhood far from the cities might not get the same amount of money.


Vacation Rentals

Uber has no cars but makes money transporting people to their destination, and they are present all over the world. 


Airbnb started a few years ago, and it keeps gaining popularity every night and day; with your real estate property, you can make money from vacation without owning a hotel.


Travelers find Airbnb more reliable than hotels because of the privacy and space it provides — even though some hotels prioritize the privacy of their customers and offer 5-star services, they still won’t bring that comfort a home can bring.


Releasing your property for travelers to lodge for their vacation is another great way to make passive income and build your wealth.


Real Estate Appreciation

One of the most effective ways of making cool cash is when your property appreciates; let’s say you bought a property for $400,000 three years ago and now it appreciated to $550,000 in 2021, that makes you $150,000 richer.


Another great way to earn appreciation is by renovating your home to standard to increase the worth.


You can sell the property to earn and invest in another property.


Flipping Real Estate Property

Doing this, you have to be very current with prices in your city to avoid running at a loss; flipping property has to do with buying a property and paying for repairs and renovation to sell for a higher price.


If the price you invested in for renovations is way too much, you might run at a loss here, so you need to have knowledge of the target market and buyer’s expectations to work within the price limit.



The above are all great options that thousands of investors have used to make their first million dollars, and so could you!


Don’t forget, you only need to master ONE of these methods of making money via real estate property, and use it effectively to amass wealth.


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