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'Pine'-ing for a New Look? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Use Wood Features to 'Spruce' up Your Home!

January 11, 2022 | Posted by: Ronice Harrison

Wood is one of the oldest home materials but remains one of the most beautiful and visually striking. Read for four ways to use wood features to give your home a striking new look (and on a budget)!


Whether you’re renovating an older home or putting the finishing touches on a new one, you would be amiss if you did not consider how to include furniture and other items made of wood!

With a diverse range of colors and textures, wooden features are a must-have for any modern home design.

So, let's take a look at FOUR ways that you can use wood to add a little spice to your home décor.

Try A Visually Striking Wood Wall

If you are looking to add some 'pop' to a room, consider an offset or patterned wall made of wood.

Your options here are limitless!

You could try horizontal slats with a lighter wood like pine, for a warm, modern feel. Or instead add a flat wall made of hardwood boards of a darker color than the room's paint.

Either way, the result will add a real drama and an eye-catching aspect to your interior design. Try it and see for yourself!


Go Rustic With A Farmhouse Dining Table

Does your dining room feel a little boring, with its standard IKEA table and chairs?

Sure, processed woodchips are cheap and versatile, but they’re also fragile, and most importantly, they’re just like everyone else’s IKEA kitchen.

So if you want an easy way to breathe new life into that dining are, a rustic farmhouse dining table just the thing you’re looking for!

Not only will it look amazing, but hardwood tables like these are also sturdy and can suffer a lot of punishment. They are the perfect choice for families with pets or children, or that are used to hosting large dinners or having company over.


Plus, you could make this table truly one-of-a-kind if you want…

By building it yourself in just a few hours. Search around online for plans, and head down to your local hardware store to get things started.


Reclaim And Refinish For Timeless Beauty

Finally, give some thought as to how you could use reclaimed wood in your home.

You could replace your old entry tiles or hallway linoleum with some 'rip and refinish' hardwood flooring reclaimed from another house.

Or if you would rather have some wooden furniture, you can get chairs or side tables that are made of reclaimed wood. If you’re around the coast or beach, look around for large pieces of driftwood that can be turned into furniture by a local tradesman!


Find Discarded Furniture and Give it New Life

Finally, there’s a growing trend of people who find discarded wooden furniture in the, and re-finish it to give it new life.

You could sand and seal for a vintage or paint it over for a modern chic option. Whatever style you want, you could get it in your home…

And for a fraction of a more standard IKEA piece!

See the projects of Maggie McGaugh ( to get inspired.


To summarize…

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